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Benefits of Exercise:

Regular exercise and physical activity are extremely important and beneficial for long-term health and well-being.


So why is it so difficult for people to stay healthy and active and to achieve our goals of excellent physical and mental health? Of course there are a variety of reasons but when it comes right down to it, they end up being excuses rather than actual reasons. Let's look at the benefits of exercise:

  • Reduce the risk of Heart Disease

  • Reduce the risk of premature death

  • Reduce the risk of high blood pressure

  • Reduce the risk of high cholesterol

  • Maintain body weight and lose fat

  • Build healthy muscular and skeletal system

  • Reduce depression and anxiety

  • Improve psychological well-being

  • Enhanced work, recreation and sport performance

  • Is it hard work? YES!

    Will it take time? YES!

    Do I want to become a statistic? NO!

    Let's take a look at some amazing statistics from our country alone:

    - 13.5 Million people have coronary heart disease

    - 1.5 million people suffer from a heart attack in a given year

    - 8 million people have adult-onset (non-insulin-dependent) Diabetes

    - 95,000 people are newly diagnosed with colon cancer each year

    - 50 million people have high blood pressure

    - Over 60 million people (a third of our population) are overweight

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